Think of yourself as a railcar or carriage that gets people from where they are to where they want to be. You are a vehicle that moves individuals, teams, and sometimes the people in an entire organization from their current point A to a better point B.



Sheila is ingenieur, master executive coach, endurance coach, ondernemer en atleet. Zij werkt binnen en buiten organisaties aan zowel individuele ontwikkeling als aan team- en organisatieontwikkeling. Daarnaast werkt zij als consultant aan diversiteits vraagstukken en beleid. In haar advieswerk staat een aantal kernwaarden centraal, namelijk: respect, integriteit, gelijkwaardigheid en ontwikkeling.


Diversity and balanced leadership

Zij is president van de Nederlandse tak van het Professional Women Network. Het doel van PWN is: Accelarate (gender) balanced leadership in business and society. PWN is een internationaal netwerk (30 city networks) van hoog opgeleide professionals van zowel corporate professionals als ondernemers. Daarnaast is zij als VP Network Strategy ( PWN Global) verantwoordelijk voor de implementatie van de strategie voor 30 internationale  city networks.



In 2012 heeft zij het bedrijf The Cycling Academy opgericht. Een bedrijf dat erop gericht is om duursporters te coachen op sportieve prestaties. Het uitgangspunt zijn de laatste fysiologische- en traininsprincipes gestoelt op wetenschappelijk onderzoek. The Cycling Academy is inmiddels een stichting dat vanuit 5 locaties in Nederland opereert en inmiddels rond de 1250 sporters traint.




Sheila is a technical engineer, who began her career working as a Management Consultant with Capgemini and Ernst & Young. 10 years ago, she made the move into Recruiting, Management Development and Coaching. She now runs her own coaching practice, works as an independent leadership coach on behalf of Nyenrode Business University (NL) and is an associate at Partners International in New York (USA). She holds the Hogan Personality Assessment certification.

Professionally, Sheila thrives on connecting and developing people.


In her opinion, successful organizations are built on vision, perseverance, mutual trust, and collaboration.  She has managed to build high-performance teams in professional and athletic environments. As an executive coach she focuses on personal efficiency and how to develop influence and impact within the work context.


In 2012, Sheila founded The Cycling Academy – an organization that trains and coaches amateur endurance athletes working across six locations within The Netherlands. She is chairman of the Professional Womens Network in Amsterdam an VP Network Strategy of PWN Global; an association that aims to accelarate (gender) balanced leadership.


Succes is not what you accomplish in life, it's about what you inspire others to do